Kye Zalia Tritri

  • STR: 7
  • DEX: 5
  • CON: 15
  • INT: 19
  • WIS: 17/19
  • CHA: 28/30
Armor Class
  • AC: 23
  • Flat Footed AC:18
  • Touch AC: 17
Saving Throws
  • FORT: 8
  • REF: 12
  • WILL: 15

MISC BAB: 6/1 Speed: 30ft, Fly 70 Perfect HP: 64


Name (Social Title, Given, Middle, Surname): Ms. Kye Zalia Tritri

Age: 127

Alignment: CN

Belief/Religion: Though she doesn’t claim any religion, Kye is a devout follower of Olidammara. Scratch that. Followers of Olidammara are NOT DEVOUT.

Profession: Jewel-crafter

Class: Sorcerer Air Elementalist (Aeromancer in Training)

Gender: Female

Race: Pixie

Height: 13 inches

Weight: 8lbs

Build: Slight, and shorter than your average pixie. She has little to no visible muscle mass, though this fact doesn’t seem to bother her at all.

Hair Color: Sky Blue

Eye Color: Bright purple Her eyes are like diamonds, but with pupils.

Skin/Fur/Scales/Etc: Pale skin, and wings that are pink with a lavender tint. Blue tinted skin and her wings are transparent like crystal, or more specifically ice.

Handedness: Left

Birthmarks: A small, light brown leaf shaped mark on her left ankle

Other Peculiar Markings: A leaf mimicking her birth mark but mirrored on her right ankle and split.

Blood Type: O


Born to the high middle class, Kye’s life wasn’t exactly what one might call ‘difficult’ through an economic standpoint. If she had ‘difficulties’ in any area, it would be from a social standpoint. Kye was a rather quiet child, never seeming quite as outgoing as the others around her. She was off in her own world, opting to play imaginary games alone instead of socializing with the other children. No one quite knew why. At first though, people blamed her parents, believing that their lack of interaction with the girl had made her feel as though she must be silent, but soon it was revealed that it Kye’s nature was rooted deep within herself and no one else.

The young pixie was a budding sorcerer, though she had no idea that this is what her ‘powers’ actually were. She ran off to the outskirts of the forest to experiment away from prying eyes. She spent time focusing her energy on her spells, but nothing came of it due to her lack of knowledge on the subject and her unwillingness to approach another about what she conceived to be a problem. As she frequented the forest more and more often, the girl learned to fool her parents into believing that she was simply going to meet a friend, study a new plant or play with the other pixies. They silently allowed their child to wander off, not knowing what to do or think.

As Kye ran into more and more difficulties in her time practicing, she became more frustrated and antisocial, shunning many of those around her, though there was always one person she could talk to, Nacht. He was a pixie, only a year older than her, with dark hair and eyes, but bright yellow wings. He sought Kye out, seeing that something seemed odd about her. After following her into the forest one day, he realized that she was trying to use magic. Kye exploded in fury when she realized she was being watched, nearly shaking the poor boy half to death. With a few well-crafted sentences, the boy earned himself a place at Kye’s side as she explained her situation. Nacht tried to comforting the only way he knew how, telling Kye to meet him in the forest that night.

Stars were scattered across the night sky and fireflies flitted about are the crickets played their tunes, joined by another sound that seemed similar yet different all at the same time. As Kye approached, she saw that Nacht was playing a small violin, a smile on his face. He paused and beckoned her to join him. He explained that she could possibly be someone who was growing into the use of magic. Kye laughed quietly, in disbelief as the other pixie continued explaining that he magic differed from his, and that she might have to travel to find a mentor, meaning that her powers would still be wild and uncontrollable until she could find a teacher.

These meetings and discussions continued, with the two pixies sneaking away to speak about their similarities and differences for a few years, letting Kye slowly become more sociable, though it was only one of many changes in her life. A few years later, her parents announcing that she would soon have a little brother or sister, which only increased her anxiety as well as her paranoia. She feared her parents had realized what she was doing, or Nacht told them about her pastime. This would be bad enough in itself due to the fact it means that he would have betrayed her trust, but the idea of having a sibling made Kye feel as though she wasn’t good enough. She was being replaced.

Kye gradually gave up on her trips to the outskirts. Her parents needed her help with the new child coming soon, so she didn’t have the time to leave without being caught. The only escape she got from her mother’s cooing about how ‘adorable your little brother or sister is going to be!’ or her father’s ‘I’m sure you’ll be a great example for your sibling’ was to go and socialize with others her age. Nacht had never been one to socialize with those in town. His place was playing music on the edge of the forest with the other forest creatures. The lack of a true friend to socialize with made Kye’s social life quite lonely. That is, until Kea, her younger sister, was born.

The older sister never had maternal instincts, nor did she wish to have a sister, so Kea and Kye’s relationship could only be described as complex. Kye looked upon her sister with mild disdain, but not hatred. If anything, it was jealousy. Kea was the ‘perfect’ pixie. Exuberant, bright, sociable and she never made a negative decision. She was as good as good could get. The elder sister knew not what to do with this perfect of a sister except to leave her alone. Kye’s trips to the edge of the forest with Nacht began again.

Kea on the other hand adored Kye. She was different than the others. She spoke fluently and calmly. She did as she pleased, and often times as she was told. She was the balance between rebellion and conformity. Kea couldn’t understand however why Kye insisted on sneaking out to be alone. It was obvious to the younger sister that Kye was a social being, so why did she alienate herself? The pink haired pixie made it her mission to find out.

Kea traveled to the forest’s edge, hearing laughter and music. Peering through the branches of a tree, she spotted Kye and Nacht, the first experimenting with what appeared to be an sphere of water, which turned into a rotating orb of ice and the later quietly playing his music. Their backs were to the younger pixie. Kea became invisible, sneaking up behind her older sister, a playful grin plastered on her face. She grabbed Kye’s arm, becoming visible again, just to give her a scare. Kye was spun around, and the orb collided with Kea.

The older pixie was quickly pulled back by Nacht as the ice traveled from the point of impact, Kea’s right shoulder. Soon there were crystals crawling up the side of her face and down her fingers while the other two stared in horrified awe. Kye started to babble, asking why Kea had come, and why Kea had made her do this. She was delirious. Nacht left to tell the others, but mishearing his phrasing, the others in the village came believing that Kye had deliberately attacked Kea. After Kea was healed, Kye was outcast. No matter whose daughter she was, or how well she could speak, attacking ones family was unheard of. She was marked with a symbol that was similar to her birthmark, a leaf, which is generally a positive sign. The marking she was given was a split leaf, a mark that would ban her from returning to her family.

The pixie traveled to the edge of the forest and visited Nacht one last time, though neither spoke. It was a simple nod of the head before Kye left with a small pouch of food and her skills.

As she wandered, Kye supported herself by scavenging what she could from the forest and stealing anything else she needed. It wasn’t long until she caught the attention of a small group of thieves. She joined their ranks, doing group looting, and even learning more about sorcery from their friend, another sorcerer. Of course, everything that’s good must end, and as soon as the others got caught, Kye took her share, and a large portion of the group’s, and skipped town.

Eventually, as her morals were worn down, the pixie decided that stealing was more of a hobby than a career, but it was damn good fun! She challenged herself by stealing from imposing targets, stealing larger amounts of goods and stealing more valuable items and doing it faster than anyone else. She no longer cared if those who cared the items she wanted survived, though the attention murders warranted made the chase so much more interesting and exciting, though not always worth the risk of working with others.

Her favorite items to steal were gems, which she rarely sold. She would much rather craft them into something beautiful, like a necklace or earrings, which could be more valuable than the raw gems.

She was final stopped when she tried to nick a few items off of a drow, named Nadian, who just so happened to be fast enough to catch her. After this, she traveled with the drow, technically belonging to him to pay for her past indiscretions. The two share a relationship similar to siblings, bickering and arguing though in times of strife Kye shows that she really does trust Nadian to protect her. The girl cut her hair so as to not attract much negative attention when traveling with the drow, as she was often recognized her by her knee length hair when she was a thief.

Kye Zalia Tritri

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