Io Camagi

Lv 12 CN Fire-Elementalist; (Hott) Female Fey'ri.


Io Camagi: Chaotic Neutral Female Fey’ri Fire Elementalist Lv 12 (ECL 15) HP: 12d8+48 (113) Init: +7; Spe: 30ft/ Fly 40ft (Poor) AC: 22 (+7 Dex, +5 Misc), Touch: 22, Flat-Footed: 15 BAB/Grapple: +9/+9 DR 10/magic; Evasion Fort: +14, Refl: +20, Will: +15 Str 10 Dex 24 Con 18 Int 18 Wis 18 Cha 26 Skills: Bluff+17, Concentrate+21, Diplomacy+21, Knowledge(FIRE)+19, Perform(Dance)+26, Sense Motive+12, Spot+16 Feats: Iron Will, Negotiator, Skill Focus(Dance), Force of Personality


Recent History:

My name is Io Camagi. I was born 100 years ago in the early years of the Devil’s War in a Northern Elven Village. My village would be attacked and destroyed 87 years after my birth. My parents were killed in my home, and death is the only un-cruel way of putting it. What pains me most is that I was not able to save them. I had been attending the Warmage Academy, unfortunately my sister wasn’t talented enough to be accepted, and upon the threat of the war upon the local villages, the entire school was deployed in their defense. However, I wasn’t assigned to my own village, some kind of “conflict of interest”, instead I was assigned to what would be known as “The Wasted Battle”; so many good men and women were deployed to this particular village because it had been deemed high priority because of the density of nobles. Everyone else was secondary. After learning of the massive attacks on the smaller “low priority” villages, I abandon my post along with a small group of friends I knew from the village. This, of course, would cause my immediate discharge and demotion the day after, but I already knew what I was getting myself into. I arrived in time to see the first fires set in the village…screaming…death…We descended upon the demons that were ravaging through the town, we lost Adrian almost immediately, but he took out four or five with him before we burst into a cloud of pink mist. I can still feel the spray of gore upon me… We rushed through the town toward each of our homes, killing any in our wake, and saving those we could. Hadrim’s family was dead, ripped apart, half eaten and dissolved… Ertho’s sister was the only to survive. He fled immediately, but Hadrim and Casthal remained with me. They fought to the bitter end, making our way to my home, by this time the village was lost, the screams had grown silent, replaced by collapsing structures and raging infernos. My home was the only building to remain untouched, but we were cautious none-the-less. Our gates had been smashed inward, and the doors smashes open with claw marks dragged across the doorway, leading inside and down the hallway. We followed the markings, watching every corner, but then we heard a horrifying sound which was similar to snapping wood and tearing leather. In the main gathering hall, my parents lay across the floor, in pieces, blood thrown across every wall, torn flesh tossed aside, while three demons tore away at their corpses. Hadrim was horrified into paralysis, while Casthal vomited uncontrollably. I felt my blood run cold, and a deep fire admit from the deepest part of my mind. I stared and the beast before me, who had been alerted by Casthal’s regurgitation. They stared at us with deathly eyes that only saw death. Hadrim was ripped in half by the closest demon who had leaped at us with incredible speed. I barely flinched… I simply placed my hand over its head, before blasting it and half the wall with intense flames. The other demons growled, and I silenced them as well. I awoke the next day in a pile of ash surrounded by the ruins of my home, and the Warmage Academy Special Guard, covered in numerous lacerations, puncture wounds and burns which covered almost half my body. The Academy offered to repair me, but I wanted to keep the scars… a memento… I was quickly stripped of my title of Lieutenant, and drained of my power. I had gone from the Academies most promising student, to traitor in just one night. The only family I had was my sister after that. She took care of me in my silent years that followed, which I’ve recently come out of. I hope this new adventure will be a different future.

Name: Io Camagi (Chaos Flame) Age: 100ish Gender: Female Race: Fey’ri

Education: Studied 27 years at the Warmage Academy, North Occupation: Former Lieutenant of the Warmage Academy (Level 12) Job Experience: Graduated early to defend North in the Devil’s War, and Fought 7 years before discharge. Aptitudes: Extremely Talented and Brilliant in the Arts of Arcane Magic, and a Talented Diplomat

Personality: For the most part, Io has changed a lot from what she was before the war. In those years, she was a calm, level headed tactician of sorts who liked to have fun on the off time. She has always loved playing with fire spells, which granted her the nickname Chaos Flame in her early years at the Academy. She absolutely loves her body, taking great pride in the fact that she never had to use her abilities to alter it, and finds no problem with walking around her room naked even when she had company over, but she rarely went outside indecent. However, after the traumatizing events that occurred during the war, with the loss of her home and her parents, and then being drained of what she had become, her mind, though strong, couldn’t take it. She now is more chaotic and seems to do as she pleases without remorse or regret. Her temper seems to always be on edge, but, for the most part, she seems happy go lucky. Perhaps leaving the Academy allowed her to unwind her deep set tension and tempered stoicism. Io holds a deep sense of family, and will protect anyone she considers to be part of it, these people being friends that she has grown accustomed to and her sister. She still loves fire, and plays with it whenever possible. She will also, at times, become naked, but this has become less of a form of self fascination, and more of an unwinding and relaxing mechanism, but also holds deep set feelings in the fact that beneath the façade she created for her skin lay the scars left that day she lost everything.

Appearance: Io has the body and face of the most attractive of all Succubi. Her skin has a red tone to it, and is flawless in every way. Her hair is dark, silk-like in texture and is usually shoulder length, but has recently taken up a Dwarven braid style. Her eyes quiet literally glow a vibrant pink, and most are unable to turn away without staring for a moment in awe. Her movement is always graceful and effortless, without anything overly dramatic that would draw obvious attention. “Io is pretty.”

Io Camagi

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