Arirad Tyern (Ari)

chaotic good, loyal to those she trusts, warlock


HP 120, AC 22, fort 10, reflex 10, will 10, Heavy mace, light crossbow and soul the sword she found (i assume it damages the soul of the person it “cuts”, yet she hasn’t tried it out yet), uses invocations: brimstone blast, eldritch chain, eldritch spear, devil’s sight, darkness,fellflight, victriolic blast, wall of perilous flame…


An invocation backfired on her about a year before, causing her to lose all previous memories and wander around looking for anything. She ran into this man named Aleron, and she fell under his wing, to do anything that he asked. That’s how she came upon the party, Aleron told her to go help out this party, so she did. Since joining the party, she found that they are interesting, and somehow seem to keep running into trouble. She found love while travelling with them, also. She is completely protective of he lover, and would do anything to keep her alive.

Arirad Tyern (Ari)

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